Government Begins to Create Infastructure Reforms!

At a recent meeting of the High Cabinet a new law was passed to create the Mancunian Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), the Mancunian University of Science, Law and Humanities (MU), the Mancunian Postal Service (MPS), the Mancunian National Bank (MNB), the Mancunian Fire and Rescue Service (MFS), the Mancunian Police Force (MPF), and the Mancunian and the Mancunian Health Service (MHS). These changes will also include this publication.

These institutions will be called “Corporations of the State” provide services free of charge as well as some paid aspects for all but Mancunians will be given priority. All profits will go directly to the central government budget without tax. They shall be considered property of the Government much like the weapons of the Armed Forces.

They will be run by the separately by their own board and staff but will have to submit monthly reports to the High Cabinet via the HCM of Business. The board will be appointed by the Governments.

Along with these new reforms a Stock Exchange will be developed to allow these corporations and other private businesses to buy and sell shares and equity.


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